Your Chauffeur Guide

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When you choose to travel with Pan Lanka you have chosen to have a fully Chauffeur Guided experience in Sri Lanka. All our chauffeur guides hold a guide licence issued by the Sri Lanka tourism authority and come with many years of experience driving and guiding. Apart from their vast knowledge of the historical sights of the country they are able to share with you stories of Sri Lankan life and customs.

There are lots of interesting local experiences that you may often simply pass by unnoticed that our chauffeur guides will point out and explain to you while driving through remote villages. For example you may catch the toddy tapper up on a tree or you may see a field worker tapping latex from a rubber tree. If you’re thirsty he’ll stop by the roadside and get you a refreshing drink of coconut water that you drink straight from the coconut. If you’re driving past the villages that made the local ‘curd’ a pot of curd with a dash of treacle would be a treat in itself.

In addition to this service, your chauffeur guide will help you with practical aspects of your travel such as changing your currency, topping up your SIM or suggesting a restaurant for a meal. You hotel reservations, train tickets if you choose to experience the local trains, internal flight connections if you choose this option are also co-ordinated by your chauffeur guide to ensure a seamless travel experience.

Sri Lanka is a country full of customs and festivals. Apart from the documented and well known festivals, many villages have smaller festivals and celebrations going on at all times of the year. Your chauffeur guide will be able to ensure that if you are in the area you will get to see and even participate in some of these local festivals that are not touristic like their larger counterparts.

Accidents and ill health are not what we would wish for anyone but in the event of either an accident or a health issue your chauffeur guide has been trained on emergency procedures to be followed.  Our clients wellbeing is of primary importance and your chauffeur guide will liaise with our team and your insurance company and tour company to ensure that all aspects of any accident or ill health such as insurance, flight rescheduling etc are co-ordinated.

Our clients are the best ambassadors for the service we offer and their testimonials serve us as a constant reminder that what we do, we do well.