Client Testimonials

Dear Tony, Sri Lanka was the perfect spot to bring our family of grand-parents, daughter, and son -in -law, 2 teenagers and 2 small children. We have had a wonderful 2 week holiday enjoying your beautiful island  the highlight for me was climbing the rock fortress Sigiriya and everyone loved the wild life safari especially those of us lucky to see a leopard up very clear !food has been delicious and we have been lucky with the weather. Your company has helped make the journey special. (Also thank s to our driver (Bhamil) & bus- boy (Ruwan) love Cuthill, Harris & Corrigan Families. (Melbourne and Tasmania)

Harvey Cuthill

Melbourn - 30th July 2017

My sister and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time and experience in Sri Lanka -thanks to you Sisira .I have enjoyed your humor and your  knowledge that you shared has enlightened me much more on the cultures,environment and  opportunities your country has to offer .we congratulate you and Insider Journeys for your professionalism and organization of our visit to Sri Lanka .all the accommodation was excellent ,most of the restaurants that you took us to  were great and I also thank you for getting us from A to B safely  each time on the somewhat busy and chaotic roads. good luck and all the best to you and your family and may we meet again . Best wishes  Rhonda Allan -Wycheproof ,Vic . Australia

Rhonda Allan

Australia - 30th July 2017

Dear Oshada!  Thank you for everything and so much it’s hard to mention it all! Special thanks for collecting Olivia, following (not!) highly questionable directions to Batuwila, for navigating madly busy and tiny remote roads, for avoiding crazy people, tuk tuks, sleeping dogs & wild bus drivers, for doing all this with the utmost calm & charm while patiently answering all our questions about your beautiful country. We so enjoyed your company, learned so much from you about history & Buddhism (even Olivia who knew so much more already than me!)We particularly appreciated your quiet checking of all our arrangements before we even asked. The only thing that remains undone is finding egg hoppers in the middle of the day! We will have to come back & hope you will guide us through our holiday again. Olivia Gibson & Brita Von Plato

Mrs. Brita Von Plato

UK - 20th July 2017

Thank you Thushara for such a wonderful trip around your beautiful country Sri Lanka .we enjoyed your great service and knowledge .of all the sights we visited. Thank you for all your suggestions of activities & for picking great restaurants to eat at .the boys -Keanu (15) and Taj (14) really enjoyed your sense of humor and fun with them. Thank you for giving us a memorable holiday. Lots of love Celia, Brett, Keanu & Taj (from Australia)

Celia & Brett Chapman

Australia - 12th July 2017

This is our first trip to Sri Lanka and we found our guide Anthony was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing the history of his beautiful country. He explained all the different food stuffs and encouraged us to try the local delicacies. He was always courteous & polite and never hummed us along and was patient with us .he has a great sense of humor. At the end of the trip it was like he became a fellow traveler & we enjoyed his company and will remember him as a wonderful person & fabulous tour guide. Jacky & Stewart Nicol

Stewart Nicol

Australia - 7th July 2017

Mahesh. Thanks for making our journey so enjoyable. a fascinating and beautiful country ,Sri Lanka is a place we will remember always .thanks for your great driving under stressful circumstances .your country is so different to ours it was amazing to see so many different cultures all seeming to get along . Regards Lyn Roberts

Old ladies .over 80 years .from Australia

Ms. Lyn Roberts

Australia - 26th June 2017

Dear Artti, thank you for being an excellent guide & driver and for making our honeymoon in Sri Lanka so special. With love Eli & Arun

Mrs. Banks

UK - 6th June 2017

Sisira, Many thanks to you for imparting your knowledge of the Island, both historic and geographical tour covered a large area of the Island and I believe we traveled our 1000 km. certainly there were days when spent many hours in the car! Good things were the variety of sights visited, the choice of restaurants for lunch, your easy smile and flexibility in modifying the itinerary to suit our requirements. Also we had a marvelous experience in our first visit to Yala game reserve .observing leopards, bears ,elephants ,crocodiles and a variety of birds it did take us a while to accustom ourselves to Sri Lankan style and whilst appreciating your confident driving approach in getting us from A to B! Rapidly found travelling seems tiring when you did not feel rushed. I also think when we knew how long a journey was and when scheduled stops were occurring that we all felt more relaxed .we had a busy itinerary arranged by a travel agent with some hotels which were remote. You kept us on schedule we saw everything we expected and more in some cases and we thank you for your help in giving us a great experience. Very best wishes John & Sally Hayhow

Ms. Sally Hayhow

UK - 3rd June 2017

Kingsley, we all want to thank you so much for a fabulous holiday in Sri Lankan the Wild & scenic Tour .we had a wonderful time. You are an excellent guide and (driver!), and you looked after us throughout the tour & we appreciated this very much .you provided a number of kind touches which were beyond your job .we saw many animals and this included a Leopard .Wow! You knowledge of spices food, trees are extensive we will never forget our time in Sri Lanka.Thank you very much .John Janet Jenny Mark Nathaniel & Shelley

Mr. Gillott

UK - 25th April 2017

Ranju, Thank you for making our trip to Sri Lanka so magical. Now that the trip is very close (not just)close to the end, we wanted to share some of our favorite moments.-our first lunch that you later admitted you thought would make us sick -your commitment to finding us egg hopper pans -the surprise treacle that you brought to us at Rosynth -your ability to stop traffic as we crossed the street -securing our first king coconuts-removing the leech in Megan-your love of brainwashing -the story you told about how Elephants never forget -your singing (and dancing of the hokey pokey)-your business danger) you are nothing short of a king and your two Queens are eternally grateful for your Sri Lankan hospitality. See you again! Thank You Sarah & Megan

Ms.Sarah Schift

UK - 4th April 2017