Client Testimonials

Dear Wasantha,on behalf of the three of us ,thank you so much for a wonderful week. we have loved our time in Sri Lanka your country is beautiful and we have seen and done so much .thank you for all your knowledge and interesting facts about your  country ,for making our travelling so comfortable and for getting us to our destinations in one piece! Wishing you all the very for the future and hope you don’t come across too many “eejits”on the roads!! Love from Peter & Shelia (Scotland) Karen (Melbourne)

Ms.Shelia Forgie

Scotland & Melbourn - 1st September 2017


Our kids think you are a legend! And we agree with them! You have made our time here fun and informative and so straight forward. the driving part has been very professional and we are so happy that you stopped to show us interesting sights and for us o take amazing photos .you have the energy of someone half your age and we enjoyed your company a lot at the bridge -even though it was a steep climb! Thanks so much for everything -you live in an incredible country and should be proud .we will be recommending you to anyone we know coming to Sri Lanka.Thanks again, Stephen and Melanie UK

Mrs. Mel Cohen

UK - 28th August 2017

Thank you so much Cooray for making our first trip to Sri Lanka such an amazing experience. You were so knowledgeable about all the places we visited, we have learnt so much about the culture, people and foods which really enriched our trip. We loved all the different local foods you kindly bought us it was such a nice touch. you looked after us so well and your driving was excellent .we really appreciated your efforts at making sure we got to  places in good time and all arrangements were sorted  out before we arrived  it is a trip that we will always remember ,thank you again!

The Russell Family (Harry, Aimee, Mark and Debbie)


Mrs. Deborah Russell

UK - 26th August 2017

Ranju, we have greatly enjoyed the tour of your wonderful country .we must come back again to see more! Thank you for organizing everything so well and for taking  the time to explain everything patiently !your knowledge of all the areas we have visited and your excellent English have really helped to make this our memorable holiday  thank you ,as well for your kindness and understanding when Ian was unwell, kind regards , Liz and Ian Wilkins

Mr. Ian Wilkins

UK - 23rd August 2017

Dear Mahesh, Thank you for a great tour! From start to finish we have had a relaxing, enjoyable visit. Your answers to my never ending questions, gave us an insight to your country, a guide book could not! Vivian loved your racing style!! We will remember our trip with so many memories. Jas & Viv London

Ms. Jas Kanwall

London - 22nd August 2017


Asoka, you’re a very knowledgeable man, who drives a cool grey van. we have traveled far and wide , with you as our expert  guide.Asoka,to you we are in debt, we are all very glad we met  to Negombo, to Hatton, to Kandy, you then took us to a place where beaches were sandy .despite the roads which should have made us queasy, you’re driving skills made it easy. You are able to impersonate a Rabbit’s nose, and showed us how to make a lotus flower a rose. We are proud to call you are friend. And are sad to see this holiday come to an end. We wish you all the best, and now finally you can have a rest!  Many thanks, Stephen, Gemma, Izzy, Ellie & Max xx

Fewster Family

UK - 20th August 2017


Dear Prabath, A huge Thank you from all of us .we have loved learning all about your amazing country especially as you are so full of enthusiasm. We will go home with so many fantastic memories, including wild life, history, views and much more. Everything from eating clove leaves to joking about ‘logodiles”was fun and of course stopping along the way for snacks’ hope your wedding plans now go smoothly and that you have a wonderful life together .I hope the celebration in memory of your Mother is a success am sure she would have been very proud of you. We will be leaving Sri Lanka today but very much hope to be back again soon.
With huge thanks
Ali, Tim, Tommy, Isabella, Luke & Tara
Somerset, UK

Mr, Timothy Boylan

UK - 19th August 2017

Sisira we have very much appreciated your knowledge of and passion for your homeland and your willingness to share it with us .you have been a pleasant and gracious guide and driver who has gone out of your way to provide us with a variety of memorable experiences on our 12 day journey through your country .you have been consistently punctual and attentive to our particular needs. you have always been well presented and your car has been immaculate .your knowledge of the history ,culture,customs,flora & fauna & Sri Lanka has enhanced out also provided us with many opportunities to sample the local cuisine, often providing suggestions as to which foods to try .we have enjoyed your humor and companionship and your timing has always been impeccable .we always seemed to be at the right place at the right time .we particularly enjoyed our visit to Sigiriya Kaudulla National Park to see the Elephants and Galle Fort .your network of colleges  have bought further depth to our tour, allowing us to photograph some amazing sights all in all ,it has been an amazing experience we wish you and your family all the very best in the future. We hope to return to Sri Lanka and be able to travel with you again. Patricia Sweet and Douglas Smith- South Australia

Patricia Sweet & Douglas Smith

Australia - 19th August 2017

Sri Lanka is known as the jewel of the Indian Ocean and also it’s famed for its rare Gems. Thushara you are undoubtedly the rarest Gem we could have hoped to find .you’re in depth knowledge of this beautiful country and its rich and ancient history and culture, has been insightful and has helped us to appreciate it more. We have been amazed by both your excellent driving and unflappable approach, even when confronted with oncoming Lorries!! Your charm and wit have amused us even on the longest of journeys. It was enormously appreciated that you made it clear at every restaurant that our daughter could not eat nuts and this took a great weight of our minds. We were always very impressed how you took charge in difficult situations, particularly when you were mistaken for the station master in Kandy. you have certainly made this a very memorable holiday and we will always remember you fondly .we are very sorry that we kept you away from your family for the past two weeks .we saw earlier in this book that you won an award for being the best guide in Sri Lanka , you would certainly get our vote !! We wish you and your family the very best, thank you again
Love from Jonathan, Lesley, Joshua, and Katie Manning’s

Mr. Jonathan Mannings

UK - 15th August 2017

Dear Tony, Thank you for being a patient and thoughtful guide-we have had a really super holiday ,made even better by your smooth management and guidance .not sure how we’ll cope with 14  c back in Ireland! Holy, James, Beatrice, Poppy and Eliza

James Somerville

Ireland - 11th August 2017