Client Testimonials

Suren-You have provided us with a very enjoyable tour around Sri Lanka and were always willing to try your best to make sure we had a good time over what was a busy itinerary.

You drove very safely, sometimes in heavy traffic, but always got us to our destination without incident

We thank you very much for your efforts!!!

Regards Eric & Jenny


Eric & Jenny Shaw

Australia - 5th March 2018

Dear Rufus,

What can we say that hasn’t been said before! i can tell you that we will forever be in your gratitude for making our trip as special as it has been. Shirley said to us this evening that it hasn’t been like having a guide (although your knowledge and level of information is second to none) it’s actually been like having another family member on the trip with us !Your enthusiasm ,friendliness and warmth will be memories we cherish long after we have forgotten other aspects of our trip and our afternoon tea with you (which you reluctantly accepted )will be remembered fondly by us for the rest of our lives.

we feel truly blessed to have had the  remarkable good fortune to meet you ,I know it’s your profession but you go way beyond than expected.we do surely hope that at some point you visit the UK where we would love to show you the same courtesy ,kindness and hospitality you have shown us.

We sincerely hope to stay in touch .

Andy & Shirley Steel

Andy & Shirley Steel

UK - 6th February 2018

Dear Wasantha,

This was our first trip to Sri Lanka you safely negotiated us through the hustle & bustle of this vibrant were kind & considerate to our needs,listened to what we wanted and daily delivered .

you were enthusiastic & knowledgeable in your delivery we loved your sunny disposition and sense of humor

Thank you

Jane & Gervase

Mrs. Jane & Mr. Gervase

Uk - 5th February 2018

Dear Kingsley,

Many thanks for a most enjoyable tour of Sri Lanka.thank you for always being very helpful and accommodating ,flexible & patient .you are also very professional ,tactful and sensitive  to peoples needs.

Thank you very much -we have really loved this tour and have benefited greatly from your wealth of knowledge  and experience of all sorts of things. great van and excellent driver !!

Tony & Evelyn Richardson

Cosmos Tour  Feb 2018

Mrs Evelyn Richardson

UK - 4th February 2018

Lakmal has been with us for the past 2 weeks touring the various historic,cultural and natural landscape of Sri Lanka.

He has been a mine of information helping to see and understand better Sri Lankan’s lifestyle and culture. at times the roads have been a nightmare -horrendous bends  and  unbelievable on- coming traffic, all of which he has coped with ,with skill and care.his local knowledge is as deep & varied as his general knowledge ,from money changing to best bargain t shirts  and other momentous.

We both thank Lakmal for his help and courtesy  and commend him highly to other Sri Lankan travelers.

Russell & Helen/ Scotland

Ms Fitzpatrick

- 2nd February 2018

Dear Janaka,

Thank you so much for making this trip so enjoyable.the knowledge and information on such a wide range of subjects that you have added so much to our trip.your  passion for birds is obvious and your ability to spot and identify them is amazing ,without you we would have missed much.we also learnt a great deal about  your history and religions which was very informative and subjects which we had little knowledge of before our visit .finally thank you so much for keeping us safe on your crazy roads,how you managed to cope is truly amazing .thank you again for everything and good luck to you and your family in everything you do.

Graham & Clare

Mr Graham Juniper

UK - 29th January 2018

Dear  Anthony,

Thank you so much for everything .you have been a wonderful tour director. Very helpful and knowledgeable .and always very cheerful.

Thank you for showing us so much of your beautiful country, so many interesting places, really made the most of our time with your help and experience.

Thank you for all your local knowledge & experience that has made our wild & scenic tour and outstanding experience .you have supplied not only a history of the places but also local foods & you have always smiled & laughed even when driving here!


Allan & Maggie Jones

UK - 22nd January 2018


We have enjoyed our trip to Sri Lanka tremendously. My wife Amendeep and son Arjun have benefited from your kindness and wisdom I have.
Sri Lanka is a beautiful Country with friendly happy and kind people. We enjoyed meeting them, seeing the views and experiencing a little of culture .and of course, eating lots of the spicy foods, Yum!!
You are a lovely man and a great holiday partner & guide
Robert Amendeep, Arjun


Mr. Robert Keith

UK - 6th January 2018

Dear Antony,

Thank you so much for guiding us around your beautiful country-we were so fortunate to have you with us!

We always felt safe with your excellent driving ,and the long days were made easy by your comfortable van.thank you for going the extra mile to show us sights that weren’t on the itinerary,and for always treating us to tasty local snacks& coconuts!

there is so much to see in Sri Lanka ,we hope to come back soon to see more of the country with you

All the best

David Dianne & Sarah Hope

Dianne David & Sarah Hope

UK - 30th December 2017

Thank you, Sisira for our enjoyable and very safe trip around Sri Lanka.we especially appreciated your in depth knowledge of Sri Lanka,its customs & history,the pride you have for your country & most of all your good and sometimes candid sense of humor .

your punctuality was appreciated (even on the early starts when we kept you waiting! )as was your care and concern throughout our 10 day trip-especially when i thought for a few minutes i had left my card wallet  at Anuradhapura.

We wish you and your family all the best in the future and would recommend your services to friends and family who may visit Sri Lanka after us .we hope to come back our selves one day.

Tony Phiskie (and Ian Bryant)


Tony Phiskie

Australia - 20th December 2017