Client Testimonials

Dear Tony,
You have made our trip to Sri Lanka so memorable & so much more interesting than we ever could have imagined. I hope we didn’t drive you mad with being so quiet all the time.

We have appreciated all you have done for us we are both so happy to have met you.
You have given us wonderful memories. We will certainly be raving about Sri Lanka for years to come & you have been a huge part of that & will be remembered by us very fondly.

Paul & Kim Bath

Kim & Paul Bath

Australia - 18th October 2018

Dear Chandra,

Thank you so much for making us discovers the “Pearl of Indian Ocean”. Annie & I have really enjoyed the National Park visits and the history of Sri Lanka .more so we thank you for your knowledge in history, for your” Eagle Eye “at spotting wild life and for your good nature.

We enjoyed your professionalism, your knowledge your sense of humor and your companionship you for organizing all the extra tours, your recommendations were excellent and the tours well organized-we did appreciate your awesome driving skills (in sometimes difficult situations) your flexibility in stopping just about everywhere without fuss and your restaurants selections. We both thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Wishing you good luck with the lottery tickets and with Sri Lankan cricket team -many many thanks and best wishes for the future

Annie & Catherine



Catherine MCMaster & Annie Demol

Australia & France - 1st October 2018

Dear Cooray,

We were not sure what to expect when we landed in Sri Lanka, never having been on a holiday where we had a guide with us. however from our first meeting, you have provided us with so much information and knowledge of Sri Lanka -both historically and with modern day living on the island .thank you for the extra suggestions of what to do – the village tour, visiting the gem factory and wood carving center -it was a treat to see real crafts people and the skills they have .we would never have experienced that without you .also the great places you have recommended to eat. We’ve had some fabulous lunches! Our holiday has been amazing and thank you for showing us this amazing island that is your home.
Thank you also for all the extra treats you supplied us with so we could experience the local food-we’ll never forget red Bananas!
Mel & Tony Eddie & Daisy Shearman

Mr.Anthony James Shearman

UK - 4th September 2018

Dear Asoka,

We cannot thank you enough for looking after us so well over the past 2 week’s .our kids (and us)! Loved your Elephant noises, clinking finger song and tricks. You kept us all entertained and showed us more about your beautiful country.

We felt safe with you and learnt so much from you.
Thank you for your patience and especially for staying sp calm and happy even when I was shouting at the kids!
Thank you Asoka, you have helped make our trip so memorable.

Love Olga, Justin, Yasmin Skye & Lily

Olga Crewe

UK - 31st August 2018

Wasantha has always been an excellent driver-always careful and considerate -and we have always felt safe in his care.
He has always been punctual and reliable, he has been polite and considerate of our interest and ensured we have seen all the sights on our itinerary, as well as been safely checked into hotels at the end of the day.
As a guide, Wasantha has suggested additional stopping off points on long journeys and advised on eating times for crowded sites which has been useful. He has provided us with good introductory information on Sri Lanka, and when we have required more details, has shown us information in museums or guide books.
Sometimes we have found Wasantha to be overly cautious in agreeing to changes in our itinerary but this may be due to language differences, and has normally calmly agreed to accommodate our family’s different interest.
We have had a great introduction to Sri Lanka from Wasantha, thank you

The Tabor family

Mrs.Rebecca Tabor

UK - 29th August 2018


We would like to thank Pradeep for keeping us safe and happy throughout our 2 weeks in Sri Lanka .Without a doubt, we would not have learnt and understood so much of what we saw without him.

All the stops we made along the way to look at fruits, spices, monkeys, rubber trees and much more have added so much to our time here. He is knowledgeable, patient and flexible and an excellent driver. I felt safe, even as a very nervous mother!

Most of all the children have loved him. He has been so kind & so thoughtful towards them throughout .they will miss him & his laughing.

Thank you Pradeep for helping us make lifetime memories

Nicola, Simon, Eve & Anna xxx


Nicola Smith

UK - 20th August 2018

Thank you for everything you have done over the past 12 days. From the moment we saw your smile and laugh at the airport we knew we were in good hands. You always made us feel safe and always put us both first with your kindness & thoughtfulness .we loved how we could always joke & laugh .you definitely have an Australian Charisma.
Your knowledge and understanding of Sri Lanka & Australia is unheard of .there was not one question you didn’t know the answer to.
James loved his introduction to ‘mild’ curries and will work on hot curries such as deviled fish. He will also try to enjoy tea & coffee.
Molly is now in love with eab. She will continue the “don’t worry Lawson “attitude to life James also loved talking cricket history with you.
You made the experience perfect by ensuring we didn’t miss a single sight and taught us as much as possible.
Enjoy retirement in 2020! You are a wonderful representative of Sri Lanka .A very proud Sri Lankan
Thank you!
James & Lawson

Holly Lawson

Australia - 16th August 2018


Dear Nimal,

Thanks for a great two weeks in Sri Lanka .as many others have said, you have been an absolutely key part of our trip and it would not have been the same without you!

You have been extremely helpful all along the way -always have good suggestions to get the best from our itinerary -while balancing the children’s interest with very full program. we have really enjoyed learning about Buddhism and many other aspects of your culture ,but also loved the outdoor trips -dolphin hatching ,safari’s and even trekking in the rain and wind in Horton Plains!

Your lovely personal style, and care and attention to detail-and love of cricket -we will remember very fondly.

Thanks from all of us

The Finn family

Katharine, Mark Ellie, Mathew

Thanks for my birthday presents!

Olivia XXX


Mr. Mark Finn

UK - 4th August 2018

Dear Rufus,
Thank you so much for sharing your information & knowledge of you beautiful Country .we thoroughly enjoyed every moment and especially appreciated you going out of your way to please us with the added extras especially the Elephant safari * Ella and the 9 Arches. Many bucket list moments were had and we got to see a leopard in the wild!
Thank you for being so patient and you are indeed very professional in everything you do.
We wish you all the best for the future and we hope to come back again to see the East Coast and will definitely recommend you to our family and friends.
All the best Rufus
Ken & Wendy Eacott

Wendy & Ken Eacott

Australia - 2nd August 2018

You have been a wonderful tour guide, thank you!
Your knowledge, passion and devotion to Sri Lanka’s history, culture and religious have allowed us to have an interesting, adventurous and fun holiday.
We really appreciate your patience, positivity and friendliness. These qualities made our holiday all the more enjoyable!
Enjoy taking photos on your new phone in the future and keep being so caring and passionate about your job and your Country.
Thank you for trying to educate us in the way of Buddha, and I’ll try to read “no Photos ‘signs in the future …!
From the Joyce family
Sam, Patrick, Ciaran, Caitlin & Morgan xx

Caitlin Joyce

UK - 1st August 2018