Client Testimonials

Dear Wasantha,

We arrived on your beautiful island two weeks ago tired,grumpy and with one child not feeling well after the long trip from London via Dubai instantly you welcomed us and made us feel very comfortable and at home.

you have been an excellent guide throughout our visit to ancient sites, wildlife trips and  areas  of natural beauty .

Fox Family

Uk - 22nd July 15

Dear Sisira,

You have been an excellent guide for our tour of Sri Lanka’s ancient showed your real concern for what we wanted from the very first in your evident disappointment that we were unable to visit the National Museum,Colombo,because of its closure for repairs and in your making sure that we did visit other museums where possible,we are so pleased at your seeking out for us such an excellent book,so suited to our interests.your knowledge of and enthusiasm for both archaeology and wildlife greatly enhanced our enjoyment of the places we visited.

Prof. & Mrs J.L Brockington

Uk - 4th July 15

Mr Karu transported us safely & swiftly,and gave us many insights as we went along.great to have a guide with such a depth of knowledge and friends in every town!

Leopard Trails was wonderful,Indika made the safari a fantastic experience. enjoyed the chalet at Vil Uyan  very luxurious!

Rosyth was a lovely & quiet place to chill & relax.

Jacki Connell

Uk - 1st July 15


A fantastic guide ,organised ,knowledgeable,

good sense of humor,felt very safe travelling alone with my teenage daughter, a credit to your company!

Mrs Hepburn

Australia - 30th June 15

Dear Kingsley,

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful guide and expert driver for us while in Sri Lanka.

You gave us plenty of information about this lovely country and it’s people and made it interesting for the kids as well!we really enjoyed your company and you always seemed to know the right people along the way ,like Kumar,the safari guide!you really have made our trip to Sri Lanka a memorable one.


Katrina & Paul Angel

Australia - 30th June 15

Prabath made the tour very relaxed and enjoyable providing interesting facts and information about Sri Lanka ,all with  his positive & engaging personality.

Thank you Prabath for making the holiday so enjoyable and unique, ensured we had a fantastic time at all points of the holiday and was Dylan’s new best friend.

Norris & Family

UK - 19th April 15

Dear Alwis,

We have had a wonderful and unforgettable 13 days in your  beautiful country. thank you for your kindness and patience and the very professional way in which you looked after us .

I do not envy your task of navigating through the Sri Lankan traffic, especially during the heavy rain we had in Ella.your driving was  at times inspired!

We both wish you all the very  best for your future endeavors



Richard West & Ann Howley

Australia - 28th April 15

Prabath, provided us with a unique and memorable  experience.his huge knowledge of his country its people,politics ,flora & fauna enabled us to appreciate Sri Lanka in a fulfilling and highly satisfactory manner. he is a highly capable and efficient administrates us well and without him our tour of Sri Lanka would have been so much less rewarding.

Thank you  Prabath.

Nigel Quiney

Uk - 13th Feb 2015

Thank you very much Daya, for making our experience of Sri Lanka so safe and enjoyable. we are taking home many happy memories & photographs together with a lot more knowledge of your beautiful country,your cheerfulness & politeness made every day wonderful and we will certainly be recommending your services as a guide.

Ruth & Ann

Uk - 23rd Feb 2015

Alwis,its been a real pleasure having your company for nearly ten days here.your knowledge of so many subjects has enriched the special delights of your lovely proved to be caring ,reliable and well organized and shepherded us around,particularly up those hills & rocks!we can honestly say its been fun for us with all our thanks.

Richard & Sandra

Uk - 30th Jan 15