Client Testimonials

Dear Prabath, (Our Mr. Sri Lanka!) It’s been an amazing 10 days! We’d like to thank you for being a great leader and enhancing our family holiday in your beautiful country, with your enthusiasm and vast array of knowledge on everything Sri Lanka…be it Botanical, Historical, Cultural or the diversity of wild life you have left us with a truly memorable insight into Sri Lanka that has surpassed our expectations and fulfilled our holiday dreams .you are in our memories and thoughts best wishes for the future. James Marling-UK

Mr. Marling

UK - 5th August 2016

Dear Titus, Thank you so much for everything you have done this holiday. I really enjoyed listening to all of the interesting information you shared to us about Sri Lankan life in the car journeys’ also enjoyed learning more about Buddhism at the various sites we visited .finely, thank you for helping us see all the interesting animals at safari park. Thank you for making the holiday so great, Daniel -UK

Mr. Culham

UK - 30th July 2016

Thank you for being a fantastic guide Mahesh! We’ve had a wonderful trip in Sri Lanka and you have been an important part of that .thank you for being so patient with the children and buying lots of Ice cream!)And for guiding us around all the different places with such thrill. We hope to see you again Andy Plum

Mr. Clark

Australia - 12th July 2016

Dear Anthony from 31-7-16 to 13-8-16 you have looked after us so very well we know you do the same tour for lots of groups but for us there is only one Sri Lankan tour guide! None of us will ever forget our amazing visit here -we have covered so many miles in your very comfy bus and we feel so lucky to have had you as our tour guide and teacher .you seem to know everything there is to know about your beautiful Country. You have looked after us so well-and have cared for us, guarded us guided us, taught us so well- fresh water every day! We all think our trip was brilliant but you are the “extra special” ingredient and we really thank you. We wish you well and hope your next visit to Kottukal will be to different rooms! With love from the Pincott family -UK

Mr. Pincott

UK - 30th July 2016

Sisira has been an incredible host on our trip to beautiful Sri Lanka.He is a warm friendly guide with a seemingly endless knowledge of his mother land from the history to the birds and flowers. We feel very lucky to have shared his company and expertise over the past week and been given an insight into this amazing island you could not ask for more from a host,he has provided us with excellent recommendations while always taking on wishers into account ,he is equally ready to share his knowledge as to share a joke. Always punctual with a pristine car and a bottle of water at the ready. Sisira it has been ans absolute pleasure sharing your company and we are very grateful for the wonderful time you have shown us with all best wishes Holly

Ms. Holly Black

UK - 12th June 2016

As two ladies travelling in a strange, new country we felt very well looked after by Kingsley at all times he added lots of extra small touches to our trip such as stopping at road side stalls for us to try local produce & even asking a Buddhist monk to pose for a photograph with us! this attention to detail has enhanced our experience greatly on what has been a great holiday .we now have great memories of Sri Lanka and this is in no small part due to Kingsley -many thanks . Selina & Andrea

Ms Selina & Andrea

Australia - 17th May 2016

Dear Jerome, Thank you for taking such good care of us this past week. You are a credit to your profession -always courteous and punctual, very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about your Country. It has been our privilege to get to know you as we have (slowly!)Traveled across just a small part of Sri Lanka and we look forward to meeting up with you again when we return to this wonderful Island. To all those who travel with Jerome after us -take good care of him please as we will need him for our next trip. With kind regards and great memories Chris & Micky Hinton


UK - 9th April 2016

Dear Thimbiri, Thank you very much for taking us around Sri are very knowledgeable and have been very informative about everything you have shown us .we would very much like to come back ,especially to see Colombo!! So we will most definitely contact you to take us around. We wish you a lot of success in the future and trust we’ll see you soon. Many kind regards Yolanda Loeffler

Ms.Yolanda Loeffler

UK - 8th April 2016

From the moment we arrived in Sri Lanka we felt welcomed and as though we were in safe hands. We cannot thank Kingsley enough for his care and attention to every detail in our tour, which far exceeded our expectations. Adventure has certainly been around every corner during our trip -from lightning on safari to inquisitive Elephants, and from red bananas to star sapphires, Kingsley has been there to guide our way and help us create unforgettable memories. Kingsley has been both an expert driver and an expert tour guide .we couldn’t have ever come close to experiencing Sri Lanka without his expertise ,and for this reason we would highly recommend this tour to others .Thank you so much .best wishes to you & your family .Gemma  & Emma

Mr. Zauscinski

UK - 5th April 2016

Dear Prim, What a fabulous time we’ve had with you so wonderful with the kids & distracting them from, there bickering .Quinn especially became very fond of you and asked for you when you weren’t around. You were very informative and able to give us lots of information whilst on tour about the local areas and the tourist stops .the snacks and water & other drinks were very much appreciated .we would absolutely recommend you to other families! Marisu, Neil, Riley Lucas & Quinn


UK - 27th March 2016