Hatton is a delightful modest town in the Nuwara Eliya District of Central Province in Sri Lanka. A major centre of the Sri Lankan tea industry, Hatton has stood the test of time from the British colonial era, which initially made Ceylon Tea a household name

Hatton is simply stunning – it is situated over 1,200m above sea level, and boasts endless lush tea plantations carpeting the sloping hills in various hues of brilliant green, breathtaking vistas of the whole of the hill country and the beautiful Mahaweli river winding down the timeless valleys. Visitors can tour tea factories and lush tea estates in Hatton and take in the fresh, clean air.

Other interesting spots to visit include Warleigh Church and bungalows that used to house British planters amidst the tea fields. Another hidden gem in Hatton is Castlereagh reservoir – which is a calm and clear blue expanse of water surrounded by rolling green hills. Here, you can take a boat ride on the water or simply enjoy the view.

Hatton serves as a stepping stone to the important pilgrimage site of Adam’s Peak, as well as the city of Nuwara Eliya. Adam’s Peak, also known as Sri Pada, is a majestic mountain that is over 2,200 meters, which serves as an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists and Hindus throughout the country. Nuwara Eliya has several tourist attractions nearby, which can be visited from Hatton, such as Horton Plains and Hakgala Gardens.

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