Jaffna is the northernmost city in Sri Lanka, a fascinating area that is well worth a visit. After close to 30 years of civil unrest, Jaffna is now newly emerging and open for Sri Lankans and foreigners, who can witness its unique beauty. The area is a mix of colonial charm and Tamil culture, with important historical and cultural attractions, amidst natural beauty.

A city tour in Jaffna is the perfect way to experience the area. A visit to the large and colourful Hindi temple – Nallur Kovil is a must, especially during special occasions. During this time, the pooja ceremonies are extra special with loud drumming and nadaswaram playing to hype up the worshippers. Take a stroll around Jaffna Fort, which was built by Dutch colonialists, and enjoy brilliant views over the Jaffna Lagoon. Other points of interest here are the Jaffna Library and the Jaffna Market. The cuisine of Jaffna is exquisite – it is famous for its crab and prawn curries as well as local treats such as mangoes and palmyra sweets.

The rest of the Jaffna peninsula has some interesting attractions too. Visit the top-most location of Sri Lanka at Point Pedro and take a dip in Keerimalai water spring pool, which is separated from the sea by a stone wall. Casuarina beach is also worth visiting for sea bathing.

The islands around Jaffna are stunning. Mandaitivu Island has gorgeous views and you can watch crabs, prawns and fish being caught by fishermen here. Nainativu Island is home to Nagadipa Vihara, a Buddhist temple that was one of the three places in Sri Lanka which Lord Buddha visited. Delft Island is famous for its wild ponies that were introduced by the Dutch.

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