Mrs.Sally Anne Boreham

It is only fair to say that Dilruk is extremely knowledgeable about pre-colonial history of Sri Lanka- the details of which he delivers very... Read more »

Ms.Sarah Louise Knibbs

Lecam, Thank you for being such an important part in making our holiday wonderful. You have driven us carefully & safely to beautiful places ... Read more »

Mrs Helen Greetham

Mr. Asoka, You have made our holiday an absolute pleasure .Sri Lanka is a very new country to us. Unfamiliar & unknown, you have take good care... Read more »


Thank you for assisting in making this our first trip to Sri Lanka an excellent one. The two weeks we have spent in Sri Lanka with Attigala as our... Read more »

Mr Baker

Jerome, Thank you for looking after us throughout our tour of Sri Lanka. Your driving has been expert & your knowledge of Sri Lanka fascinating... Read more »

Adventure and Scenic Beauty

From white water rafting to jungle trekking and hiking among hill tops to leisurely strolls through scenic beauty, get ready to have the adventure... Read more »