Hill Country

The diversity of Sri Lanka is astounding; from sweltering humid coasts to elevated cooler interior hill country regions. Although only a few hours... Read more »

Jaffna and the north

The north of Sri Lanka is finally recovering from years of civil unrest and isolation from the rest of the island. This emerging area is now under... Read more »

Nature and Wildlife

Sri Lanka is a treasure trove for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Ranked among 25 biodiversity hot spots in the world, the island has several... Read more »

Pilgrimage Sites and Festivals

Sri Lanka prides itself with a rich Buddhist culture and history; there are many significant religious and historical sites as well as important... Read more »

Heritage Sites

Sri Lanka is not just a tropical beach paradise; it has a remarkable history and culture which we can take a glimpse into by exploring its many... Read more »

North and East Coast Beaches

The east coast of Sri Lanka provides an opportunity for incredible beach holidays in relatively un-crowded and undeveloped surroundings. The area... Read more »

South Coast Beaches

Sri Lanka’s south coast is the most popular coastline in the island, boasting spectacular scenic beaches that are among the finest in the world.... Read more »

West Coast Beaches

The moment you land at the Bandaranaike International Airport near Colombo, you are greeted with endless coconut palms trees dotting the landscape.... Read more »